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What Are the Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Cat Lovers?


The holidays are approaching and it

More Safety Tips for Cats and Christmas Trees


Last year I wrote an article on how to protect cats and Christmas trees during the holidays. After all, Christmas trees are the best jungle gym a cat could ask for indoors, especially if they

Free Guide to Keep Your Cat and Christmas Tree Safe

Christmas Tree Cat

Don’t let this Christmas be crazy because your cat decides that your Christmas tree is a toy. Download our free guide filled with tips and tricks that will not only keep you cat safe, but protect your tree.

Cats and Christmas Trees

Cat Under the Christmas Tree

Amid the many joys of the Christmas season, there are always a few disappointments and problems that pop up to dampen the festive mood somewhat. In some households, one of these holiday issues can be the interplay between cat and Christmas tree, so the aim of this discussion will be to offer some ideas for helping both come through the season unscathed, upright, and healthy.

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