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How to Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

cool kitten

Many people are worried about their feline friends getting too hot during the summer months, which is a valid concern. Cats are only able to sweat from their foot pads, which doesn’t always work quickly enough to cool them off in time. However, there are ways you can help your feline friend keep cool without any problems arising. Most of the things you can do are possible right at home without buying any extra materials. Here are some of the best ways to help a cat cool down during the hot summer months.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Getting Fleas

Fleas and cats don't mix

One of the worst problems a cat owner may face is a flea infestation. Fleas are a nuisance because they jump on other animals and cause them to be infested as well. They also bite at an animal’s skin constantly- one of the most obvious symptoms of a flea infestation is the cat’s constant scratching and biting. However, this problem doesn’t have to persist as there are ways to treat and prevent it.

Free Poisonous Plants Pet Guide


Did you know that there are plants that can make your pet sick or worse? It’s true and it’s always a good idea to know what’s in your garden, what’s in your favorite vase, and what your little buddy might do with it.

What Plants Are Poisonous to My Pets?

what plants are bad for dogs

This is the time of year when plants begin to wake up from their long winter dormancy, and bloom into life again, which means that some of them are once again a health threat to pets. That being so, it’s worth taking a few minutes to review which poisonous plants can be harmful to pets, so you can keep clear of them and avoid any unpleasantness. If you’ve never investigated plants with the potential to harm your pet, you might be surprised to discover some of the names on this list.

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