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Spring Safety Tips for Dogs, Cats, and Their Owners


Spring is a favorite time of the year for many, including your pets. Gone is the winter cold, out comes the spring sunshine and the activities that go with it. Of course, you want to get out there and dust off the winter blues



People who love their pets want to make sure they are feeding them healthy dog food. Just like the food that’s available for humans, not all dog food is the same quality. There are a few things a pet owner can do to ensure they are picking out the right food for their dog, though. Nobody wants to feed their dog meals that aren’t giving them the proper nutrition because this will be reflected in their overall behavior. A dog that eats well is going to be happy and upbeat at all times, which is why it’s so important to ensure you’re feeding them a healthy dog food.

The Benefits of Using A Cat Sitter


A good pet owner is going to be concerned about their animal whenever they leave home for an extended period of time. If a cat is part of your happy household, you may want to consider getting a cat sitter to watch him while you’re away. At Serenity Pets Marin, you can find the right person to take care of your cat while you’re on vacation or if you have to work late.

How to Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

cool kitten

Many people are worried about their feline friends getting too hot during the summer months, which is a valid concern. Cats are only able to sweat from their foot pads, which doesn’t always work quickly enough to cool them off in time. However, there are ways you can help your feline friend keep cool without any problems arising. Most of the things you can do are possible right at home without buying any extra materials. Here are some of the best ways to help a cat cool down during the hot summer months.

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