The Benefits of Using a Novato Dog Walker


Dog Walking Services for Novato Residents

About 40 percent of Californians have at least one dog in their household. Most of them believe that pets have a positive impact on health. Serenity Pets Marin believes the same, and realizes that your pet has health needs. We offer a comprehensive list of services to keep your pets healthy.

Long Walks

Serenity Pets Marin provides you with the benefit of having a professional dog walker who knows just how to get your dog moving as much they should. Walks are in 30-minute or one-hour increments. This gives your dog time to run, play and enjoy the outdoors.

Pet Sitting

Pets are not always welcomed on trips. Even though you might wish to take them along, trying to find hotels that accommodate your pets is not easy. When you are away, we will come to your home and care for them as if they were our own pets. With overnight care, your furry friends will always have someone to snuggle with in bed. You will feel confident knowing that even while your babies are in dreamland, someone is caring for them, in your home, where all things are familiar.


If a dog meets a stranger for the first time they may be a bit nervous around them. Helping your dog to be less anxious is not always easy. Serenity Pets Marin can help your pet to feel better with people they do not know. Socialization is important, and the needs of the dogs are our first priority.


Not every dog walker or pet sitting service works for every dog. Serenity Pets Marin understands this and offers a consultation, to see if we are the right fit for your dog. This meet-and-greet helps to determine how your dog would be happiest on an outing. Some dogs do well with group outings, and some dogs require private walks. The decision will be made by the pet owner and Serenity Pets Marin, as the dog

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