Top 5 Dog Parks You Should Visit in Marin County

With so many dog parks to choose from, here are our top 5 dog parks in Marin. Be sure to check them all out, as no two parks are quite the same, giving you the ability to choose the park your dog likes the best.

  • Dogbone Meadows: Novato, CA
    As one of the largest dog parks, Dogbone Meadows attracts puppies and older pooches alike with its huge grassy area, exercise equipment, and variety of available dog toys. Friendly owners and dogs join together on the park’s clean, well-kept grounds for hours and hours of fun.
  • Mill Valley’s Dog Park at Bayfront Park: Mill Valley, CA
    Mill Valley’s Dog Park offers huge grounds, shaded areas, an agility course, and access to the Richardson Bay for the dogs who enjoy a nice swim once in awhile. With beautiful, scenic views of the city, both you and your pet will have plenty to do at Mill Valley!
  • Field of Dogs: San Rafael, CA
    Just across from the Civic Center in San Rafael is the Field of Dogs, offering picnic tables, benches, and plenty of space for your dogs to run around! This park is great for smaller dogs as well, as the fenced in park also features a smaller enclosure for smaller pets to play amongst themselves.
  • Red Hill Dog Park at Red Hill Community Park: San Anselmo, CA
    As one of Marin County’s newest parks, Red Hill Dog Park features a one-acre running area, water fountains, umbrellas, picnic tables, and benches for your ultimate outdoor outing! With a double fence marking exit and entry, you can have total confidence that your dog is safe at all times too!
  • Remington Dog Park: Sausalito, CA
    With large, enclosed grounds and plenty of picnic tables and benches for owners, Remington Dog Park is one destination that you don’t want to miss out on! Friendly dogs abound, giving your furry friends plenty of playmates!

Visit Marin County for Friendly Fun for Your Pets

While you already knew Marin County was a great place to live, the ample array of dog parks make it even better for those with pets. Be sure to explore all of the dog parks that Marin County has to offer and find your new ultimate play, exercise, and socialization destination!

If you find you don’t have the time to take your dog to the park, give Serenity Pets Marin a call at 415.328.4218 or fill out the contact form and Paula will give you a call back.

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